How to Clean the Car Interior Roof?

Car Interior Roof

One common error made by automobile owners while cleaning their vehicle is to only vacuum out dust and dirt from the seats and carpeting while ignoring the headliner. Without routine cleaning, the surface of automobile headliners may hold onto foul odors for days or weeks since it is porous and absorbs scents and smoke. Maintaining your car’s appearance and scent will require some basic care, such as learning how to wipe the ceiling or headliners.

Although you may be familiar with how to clean automobile carpeting and upholstery, the headliner is far more sensitive. To prevent harm when attempting to remove stains or odors, you must take extra precautions and use various cleaning products and techniques. This thorough manual will teach you many techniques for cleaning the interior of a car, from eradicating little stains to thoroughly deep-cleaning and getting rid of offensive odors.

What You Will Need

The cleaning supplies required to clean a headliner can range from a little microfiber cloth to a large cleaning apparatus like a steam cleaner. Find out below what equipment you’d need:

Towel made of microfiber

A microfiber cloth is necessary whether you plan to gently touch a few small areas or the full surface of the car top. This would be used in spot cleaning to remove stains and loosen dirt. This would be useful for eliminating extra moisture from the surface after gently wiping the entire headliner.

Soft-Bristled Brush

In order to properly clean a headliner, all cleaning techniques call for a gentle brush. It would be used for deep cleaning after steam cleaning, for surface cleaning to scrub the entire headliner, and for spot cleaning to remove loose particles. To that end, be sure to have a soft-bristled brush ready for any cleaning procedures you undertake.

Headliner Cleaner for Cars

The type of stain you have in your headliner will determine the cleaner you need. A standard upholstery cleaner might be effective for water-based stains like soda and coffee. Alternately, you might create a homemade general cleaning solution by combining liquid soap, white vinegar, and warm water.

You can use alcohol and lacquer thinner to remove stains made of oil, such as grease, ink, crayon, and cosmetics.

Spray Bottle

There are two different kinds of car cleaning solutions: concentrated and ready-to-use. You will require a different spray container if the cleaner for your car’s upholstery is concentrated so that you can diluted it before using it.

Steam cleaner

You would require a steam cleaner if your headliner was really soiled and smelled bad. Through the hot steam created by the cleaning solution it produces, a steam cleaner may remove stubborn stains and odors.

Vacuum cleaner

You would also require a vacuum cleaner in addition to the steam cleaner and soft-bristled brush to gather some of the dirt you swept out during deep cleaning.

3 Methods For Step by Step Instructions to Get Stains Out of Car Ceiling

There are three ways to clean the ceiling of a car. Depending on how thoroughly you need to clean the ceiling, you can choose a method. Spot cleaning, removing stubborn stains, and deep cleaning are the three techniques, and each is discussed here.

Method 1: Spot Cleaning

This approach is suitable for removing stains and/or dirt from a small region.

Step 1: Use a microfiber towel to remove surface dirt and dust from the car ceiling.

Use a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber towel to gently go over the filthy area. The ceiling is a sensitive portion of the car interior, therefore you shouldn’t use excessive force or bang it. Additionally, avoid stirring up more dust and debris.

When the area is clean once more, the cleaning is complete. If not, though, you would still need to move on to the next stage. To make sure that all dirt and dust are removed, you can also gently wipe or clean the ceiling.

Step 2: Use a soft-bristled brush and cleaner to scrub the surface.

Either a commercial upholstery cleaner or a homemade cleaner can be used to clean.

If you decide to make your own cleaner, you can do so by thoroughly combining the ingredients in a spray bottle. Make it with a cup or 240 ml of warm water, 1/4 cup or 59 ml of white vinegar, and 1/2 tablespoon or 7.4 ml of liquid soap.

To avoid irritating your skin when cleaning, put either latex or nitrile gloves.

When cleaning the ceiling of a car, you shouldn’t spray the cleaner directly at it because doing so could make the surface excessively wet and lead to mildew.

Instead, to stop mildew growth and have better control over cleaner application, spray the cleaner onto a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth.

After that, carefully apply the cleanser to the spots in circular motions using the soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth to create a lather.

To avoid damaging the ceiling and to stop the glue and foam underneath from getting wet, don’t use too much pressure or cleaner.

Step 3: Use a microfiber towel to clean the surface

Finally, you’ll use a microfiber towel to dry the spot. To allow the towel to absorb the moisture, firmly press it up against the surface. After that, rub it gently in circular strokes.

This would aid in removing the spots. Repeat step two if you still see some stains after wiping.

Method 2: Remove Tough Stains

When dealing with difficult stains, such as unintentional food stains and other difficult-to-remove stains, this procedure should be utilized.

Step 1: Scrub stains with an upholstery cleaner and a stiff-bristled brush.

Put on some nitrile gloves as a precaution before cleaning to avoid irritating your hands.

In order to avoid loosening the adhesive on the cloth, spray some of your stain remover for vehicle ceiling on the stiff-bristled brush but not the ceiling once you’re ready. Then, using the brush and a cleaner in small circular motions, lather and remove the spots.

Wipe the area you worked on once you have lathered and loosened the stains. As you wipe away the cleanser, take care to get rid of as many of the stains as you can.

Step 2: Steam Clean the Stained Surfaces

You can use the steam cleaner’s included brush attachment or narrow nozzle attachment to steam clean the car ceiling.

The steam should be directed towards the stains while holding the attachment about 2 inches from them.

Be careful not to oversaturate the surface because that could harm the fabric’s adhesive.

Step 3: Use a microfiber cloth to dry the area.

Use a microfiber towel to dab the soiled area dry after steam cleaning it. Apply extra steam to the stain and rub it with the microfiber cloth in small circular motions if you still detect spots on the surface.

Method 3: Thorough cleaning

When the car ceiling has accumulated stains from smoke and nicotine as well as huge, persistent dirt streaks.

Step 1: Use a stiff-bristled brush and cleaner to scrub the car ceiling.

You must use latex gloves and work in a well-ventilated area to thoroughly clean the interior of a car.

Spray your preferred cleaning agent onto the sizable stiff-bristled brush. Please remember not to spray your cleaning solution on the car ceiling as it may damage the fabric’s glue.

Apply the solution to the brush, then use light pressure and lengthy, back-and-forth strokes to scrub the ceiling, generating a lather.

Apply more of the solution to the brush when no more lather is forming. More solution would need to be applied and little circular motions would need to be used to clean more pronounced stains.

Step 2: Using a wet vacuum or spot cleaner, remove the moisture and dirt

Use the brush attachment on the wet vacuum or spot cleaner as well.

To effectively remove all the moisture and dirt, work from the front of the ceiling toward the back while sliding the attachment across the ceiling in 24-inch strokes.

Step 3: Wait 24 hours for the car ceiling to dry

You must allow the remaining moisture in your car ceiling to air dry for at least 24 hours after the wet vac or spot cleaner has removed the majority of the moisture.

You might leave the car windows up to let fresh air in if your car is parked in a secure location, such as your garage.

Step 4: Redo the Cleaning if There Are Still Visible Stains

Check to see whether there are any stains left on the car ceiling once it has finally dried fully. You can treat them locally if you see any. But if spot treating the stains didn’t work, further thorough cleaning should be done.

Car Interior Roof


You can maintain your automobile clean and odor-free by learning the many techniques for cleaning the headliner. You would also save money because you wouldn’t need to get your automobile detailed. Simply follow the instructions for the cleaning method you desire.

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