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clear fluid leaking from a car

What Is The Clear Fluid Leaking From The Car?

You’ve probably come across a mysterious leak under your car as a car owner at some point in your life. And you wouldn’t be the only one if you were having trouble coming up with an explanation. But what exactly are these leaks? You should first try to stop the leaks. Put down a piece
How To Check Brake Fluid? A Complete Guide

How To Check Brake Fluid? A Complete Guide

One of your car’s most important parts is the brakes. Brake fluid inspection is one of the most crucial maintenance procedures. Your car or truck won’t stop when you press the brake pedal if there is no brake fluid. It is much simpler and more crucial to check brake fluid than you might realize. Please
what color is brake fluid

What Color Is Brake Fluid?

A service issue with your vehicle may be indicated by discolored brake fluid. When you use the brake system properly, brake fluid won’t become faulty for a number of years. Before you can distinguish between what is typical and what is not, you must be aware of: what color is brake fluid supposed to be.