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How to Clean Car Carpet 

How to Clean Stains from Car Carpets?

When was the last time you cleaned the stains from car carpets? Dirty car carpets can stink, especially on hot summer days. Fortunately, cleaning stains from car carpets isn’t as difficult as one might think. We’ll show you how to clean your car carpet stains. How to Clean Filthy Car Carpet 1. Organize the mess

How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Car? Step by Step Guide

One of the most regular and unavoidable situations that comes with dog ownership is a dog peeing in places where it should not. Accidents happen no matter how highly trained or obedient the dog is. Dogs pee suddenly as a show of submission or stress: perhaps the dog was suddenly thrilled by someone’s presence, or
Clean Bird Poop Off Car Paint

8 Safe Tips To Clean Bird Poop Off Car Paint 

Bird poop, also known as dookie, scat, excrement, poo-poo, and feces, is one of the most prevalent causes of vehicle paint damage in the world. With a pH of 3 to 5, bird feces is heavy in uric acid, a corrosive substance that may swiftly destroy the outside of your vehicle. Dried bird droppings may