How To Repair Hail Damage On Car Roof: 3 Effective Methods

How To Repair Hail Damage On Car Roof: 3 Effective Methods

Colorado, Texas, and several other states experience hailstorms frequently each year. Knowing your repair options can give you peace of mind if your preventative measures fall short if you live in a region where hail or strong storms are frequent occurrences.

We all love our cars, but repairing them can be expensive if the damage is severe. Thankfully, you have access to some excellent resources—and so does your wallet!

Whether your car is brand new, has been in your possession for a while, or has been a longtime friend, knowing how to get it fixed when it sustains hail damage gives you peace of mind, especially given that doing so could save you thousands of dollars.

This article will discuss both do-it-yourself and professional repair techniques for fixing hail damage to cars.

Methods to Repair Hail Damage on Car Roof

Rod Style Tools

From behind or beneath the dented vehicle panel, rod-style tools push outward on the metal.

Hail rods, which are long metal rods with a sharper tip that acts as a finisher to set smaller chunks of metal back into place, are one of the most efficient tools for this. The ball-shaped tip is used to push out larger chunks of metal.

You can use a brace tool, which is a metal rod of various sizes designed to reach dents from challenging angles and constrained spaces, for harder-to-reach spots.

Pulling Style Tools

The purpose of pulling-style tools is to pull metal back into position. The majority of these are available in kits that also include a glue gun, specialty adhesives, plastic pulling tabs, and dent lifters.

Each dent needs a plastic tab that has been hot glued to it before being pushed into the dent to remove it. After allowing the glue to dry for a few minutes, you will attach the dent lifter to the tab and pull until you hear a loud “pop” which signifies that the metal has raised back into place. With a little rubbing alcohol and a plastic chisel, any remaining glue residue can be eliminated.

Heating and Cooling

The fact that car dents always stretch the metal slightly is one of their major drawbacks. For this reason, some individuals attempt the heating and cooling technique by first applying dry ice directly to the dent after using a hair dryer or heat gun on a medium to low setting. According to the theory, the dented metal will pop back out because the heat will slightly expand the metal and the rapid cooling will quickly contract it.

This strategy has produced inconsistent results in practice, and many experts will advise against using it. The issue could get worse if you use too much heat and damage your paint. Take extra care when applying heat if you do decide to try this method. Don’t heat the surface of the car any more than you can handle.

How To Repair Hail Damage On Car Roof: 3 Effective Methods

Why You Should Trust An Auto Body Shop for Car Hail Damage Repair?

Many people are concerned that visiting an auto body shop will result in exorbitant repair costs and a protracted absence of a vehicle. Fortunately, that isn’t always the case, and there are several reasons why you should take your car to a reputable auto body shop for hail damage repair.

1. Stay-of-the-Art Repair Tools: Paintless dent repair, or PDR, can be used by professional auto body shops to repair the majority of hail damage. The PDR procedure calls for skilled technicians to work and push each individual dent out of the surface of the vehicle from underneath using metal rods of various sizes and shapes.
2. Highly Certified Technicians: When you allow an auto body shop to repair any dents or hail damage to your car, you’re getting the services of highly skilled, qualified, and expert-level technicians who have the knowledge and equipment required to do the job correctly.
3. Repair Guarantee: Depending on where you take your car, a lot of auto body shops offer repair guarantees. This typically means that they promise the integrity of the repair for the duration of your ownership of the vehicle or for the life of the vehicle.
4. Simple Insurance Claims: While dealing with your insurance provider can be difficult, an auto body shop can manage the whole repair procedure on your behalf. You just need to drop off and pick up your freshly fixed vehicle.
5. Multiple Repair Options: Numerous options for fixing the hail damage to your car will be offered by a reputable auto body shop. Your car may need a number of different fixes, including paintless dent repair, crack repair, filler/glazing, or body panel replacements, depending on the severity of the damage.

How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost?

The amount to be spent on fixing dents caused by hail will entirely depend on their size and severity. On average, cost estimates run the:

• Between $30-45 per small dent
• Between $45-55 per medium dent
• Over $75 per large dent

Additionally, the cost of those repairs will rise quickly due to how frequently hail dents your car’s surface. A hail damage insurance claim typically costs $3,000 to repair. Without insurance, you are responsible for paying that expense.

How To Repair Hail Damage On Car Roof: 3 Effective Methods

Are There Any Car Insurance Coverages That Cover Hail Damage?

It will need to be repaired by a professional at an auto body shop when hail damage is so severe that doing repairs yourself is either impossible or not worth the effort (such as cracked windshields and windows or large dents). You might end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this.

As long as your plan offers comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will pay for these significant expenses. Although it is not legally necessary, you can get comprehensive insurance to protect you from financial ruin if your car is damaged by hail or other severe weather conditions.

Consider purchasing comprehensive insurance if you reside in a region where hailstorms and other types of severe weather are frequent. Use LOOP to safeguard both you and your vehicle!


Hailstorms can severely dent and damage your car’s body and windows. Hail is most likely to damage the roof, boot, bonnet, and windscreen, and depending on the number of dents, the degree of paint damage, and whether the car window is cracked, the cost of repair can be very high.

By rod tools, pulling tools, heating and cooling, you can repair hail damage on car roofs perfectly.

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