How Much Does It Cost to Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioning?

Car's Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than an onslaught of automotive bills. Depending on the severity of the problem, repairing a car’s air conditioner might cost anywhere from $100 to $3000.

When you need to buy more parts, such as a new compressor, condenser, sensor, or hose, the costs tend to rise. Even if your repair does not necessitate the replacement of any components, you might be looking at several hundred dollars in repair charges.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or tools to repair your air conditioner yourself, you may wind up spending more to repair any damage you do. In that case, taking your automobile to a repair first may wind up saving you money in the long run.

What Are Parts Of An Air Conditioning System Include?

  • The AC system’s lifeblood is refrigerant. Depending on whatever section of the system it is going through, it turns from gas to liquid. It enables the system to convert hot air to cold air.
  • Compressor: The system’s throbbing heart. It functions as a refrigerant pump, using high pressure to circulate the chemical throughout the system.
  • Condenser: It functions similarly to a radiator as a heat exchanger. It converts the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, releasing part of the heat it was carrying.
  • The TX valve, also known as an orifice tube, limits the quantity of refrigerant delivered into the evaporator. Some systems feature an orifice tube that achieves the same thing, but it cannot manage superheat like a TX valve. The boiling point of the refrigerant exiting the evaporator is measured at this moment.
  • The evaporator cools the air that passes through it before being sent into the cabin.
  • Receiver drier: The receiver drier temporarily stores oil and refrigerant when the system does not use them.
  • Heater core: The heater core is in charge of bringing warm air into the cabin, although it does so using coolant. It is considered a component of the HVAC system but does not require refrigerant.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioning?

We’ve broken down the low to high end ranges of probable part pricing to assist you understand what costs you could be looking at. These figures are only suggestive and vary according to specific situations.

  1. Compressor: $350 to $1500, depending on use. It may be more expensive for some industrial vehicles.
  2. Between $140 and $2,200 for a condenser. The upper end is frequently associated with high performance or industrial engines.
  3. TX valve prices range from $16 to $184.
  4. Between $60 to $2500 for an evaporator. The greater range is typically associated with high-performance engines.
  5. Between $10 to $70 for a receiver drier.
  6. Between $96 to $930 for the heater core.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what you could be up against, it’s time to locate your nearest Natrad location. Throughout Australia, highly skilled technicians and workshops are educated in air conditioning system diagnostics, maintenance, and replacement. Contact your local workshop to schedule an AC check and a full price if repairs are required.


Whether your air conditioner isn’t operating properly, check to see if your drive belt is very slack or if you have a blown fuse. If that is not the case, it is likely to be one of the typical air conditioning issues.

  • Air Conditioning Leak – Estimated repair cost: $50-$200

It’s no secret that leaks are the most common reason individuals bring their vehicles in for air conditioning repairs. Leaks can develop anyplace in the system where refrigerant flows via pipes and components. Fortunately, this is also the cheapest problem to repair, as it generally simply involves the replacement of old hoses or broken gaskets.

  • Failure of a compressor – Estimated repair cost: $500-$1000

Your air conditioning system’s refrigerant is circulated by a compressor. It transmits heat from the inside of the cabin to the surrounding environment. Modern air conditioning systems have a magnetic clutch that engages when the system is turned on. If the compressor components wear out or the clutch breaks, it will necessitate costly repairs.

  • Contamination of the air conditioning system – Estimated repair cost: $300-$2000

If the air conditioning system in your automobile is maintained with equipment that has been exposed to various refrigerants, it may get contaminated. R-12 is a refrigerant that is mostly found in older vehicles, whereas R134a is a more ecologically friendly refrigerant that has been utilized in modern vehicles from around 1994. Surprisingly, the two refrigerants are incompatible. When it comes to air conditioning service, it is critical to prevent exposing one to the other.

Car's Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning unit has been exposed to or contaminated by the incorrect refrigerant, it must be properly cleansed and refilled. It will be necessary to replace the compressor, evaporator, dryer, and condenser.

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