How Much Does A Car Door Replacement Cost?

How Much Does A Car Door Replacement Cost

From accidents to natural disasters, car doors can be damaged in many ways. In addition, there are many parts that need to be factored into the door replacement cost. According to our research, door replacement costs can range from $200 to $2,500, which is a pretty wide range. Learning to estimate common car door damage repair costs can help you determine how much you can save for an accident.

How Can Car Doors Be Damaged?

You may have accidentally knocked your car door against a wall or lamp post or scratched the fence while driving past. The damage might not even be your fault. Other drivers often make mistakes that cause scratches and dents to your car. In fact, some vandalized cars before fleeing. Your door could even damage itself, for example, the locking mechanism could freeze. Not only can damage cause future problems, but it can look scary, so it’s important to fix any problems as soon as possible. Whether the damage is your fault or not, paying for repairs can be expensive and cause a lot of stress.

What Does A Car Door Replacement Cost?

There are many factors that can affect your door replacement cost. Between buying the $200-$1,500 door shell, and paying for labor and interior door components, a total of $500-$2,500 to replace a door.

In addition to the repair method you choose and the quality of your parts, factors that can affect the cost of door replacement include:

  • The make, model, and year of your car
  • The extent of damage to doors and door hardware
  • Labor cost
  • Insurance coverage level
  • your car insurance deductible

Factors Affecting Average Car Door Repair Costs

Factors Affecting Average Car Door Repair Costs

Whether your door repair quote is at the upper or lower end of the range depends on a range of variables. Some will have a bigger impact than others, but each will change the total cost of door repairs. Influencing factors include:

Type of damage: dents, scratches, and broken locking mechanisms all have different repair prices. 

Car make and model: The make and model of your car will affect how much you pay for parts and repairs. 

Degree of damage: More extensive and severe damage will be more expensive than a small dent or scratch. You may even need to completely replace the doors. 

Repainting: Once the damage is repaired, you may need to repaint the doors to match the rest of the vehicle. This may require additional costs. 

Quality of Repairs: When it comes to car repairs, you usually get what you pay for. Better quality repairs cost more but look better, last longer, and are more durable. 

Damaged parts of the door: From the handles to the locking mechanism and windows, the cost of repairing each part of the door varies. 

Age and condition of the car: Repair prices for old, damaged doors will be different from newer versions.

Average Car Door Repair Cost

While your car insurance may cover the cost of repairs, you’ll have to pay extra, and it’s worth noting that your premiums may go up. This is especially true if the damage is your fault. A good, possibly cheaper option, in the long run, is to pay for the repairs yourself. The average cost per square meter for a door repair is £150 for a scratched door, £698 for a door replacement, and £120-£200 for a dented door.

Other Car Door Repair Costs

  • Scratched door repair costs

As we mentioned above, you can expect to pay different amounts for different types of damage to your doors. The average cost of repairing a minor dent or scratch is quite reasonable, so it’s definitely worth it. On a slightly more expensive note, the average door repair cost for a dent or dent is £160. Scratches have a wider price range, starting at £60. The average scratch repair cost for a door is £150.

  • Car door replacement cost

Today, mechanics are able to repair a wide variety of door problems using modern technology for quick and easy repairs. However, in some extreme cases, the damage to the door may be too severe to repair, which means you need a brand new door.

Are Car Door Repair Costs Covered by Insurance? 

Yes, they are. If you have comprehensive auto and collision insurance, you should be prepared for everything. Collision coverage covers damage caused by car accidents or collisions with inanimate objects, while comprehensive coverage covers damage caused by events beyond your control. You will pay the deductible and your auto insurance company will cover the cost of collision repairs.

How Long Does It Take to Replace A Car Door?

Average Car Door Repair Costs

How long it takes to replace a door depends on the level of damage and the availability of parts. Online car repair experts mention that it can take anywhere from a day to a week to replace a new door.

If you have to shop around for the best-priced parts or wait for the insurance company to process the claim, it can extend the repair window by a few days.

Benefits of Car Door Repair

Of the above types of damage, some affect the appearance of the vehicle, and others affect its function. While both types of damage require repair, some are more urgent than others.

  • Getting your doors fixed will keep your car in top shape. 
  • Prevent further damage from rust. 
  • Maximize profit if you sell your car. keep you safe in the car

How Do You Fix A Broken Car Door?

Before considering this project as a DIY job, review the following points: 

  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk making the damage worse. 
  • You may need professional tools. 
  • You are unlikely to be at a professional level. This can lead to future problems if the door is not properly serviced. 
  • You can fix small dents yourself, but scratches and further damage should be handled by a professional. 
  • Difficult to match paint colors. 

Given the skills required for this job, we recommend hiring a professional. To find a local reputable dealer in your area and get a personalized door repair quote, use our free search feature.


Making critical repairs after an accident shouldn’t be a hassle. The best auto insurance companies provide clear instructions for filing a claim, getting your car damage assessed, and communicating with your auto body shop.

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