What is ASL in the Car? A Complete Explanation

what is asl in car

The meanings of ASL and its advantages will be covered in the article.

ASL in cars can either mean Automatic Speed Limiter or Automatic Sound Leveling. While the latter is found in manufacturers like Jaguar and Volvo, you can find an audio leveling feature in JBL infotainment systems in Toyota vehicles like the RAV-4. What the button does depends on what your manual says the abbreviation for it means.

This keeps the passengers comfortable and prevents you from having to adjust the volume every time you enter new terrain.

What Does ASL Mean for a Car?

What does an automobile’s ASL mean? ASL can stand for automatic sound level adjustment or automatic speed limiter.

Automatic Speed Limiter

The ASL button may stand for Automatic Speed Limiter. The maximum speed that a car can go is restricted by this feature, which is present in some Jaguars and other vehicles. The car will have the ability to accelerate up until the limit that the driver sets. After that, it will prevent the car from moving at a faster speed until ASL is turned off.

Automatic Speed Limiter

When traveling a long distance by car, this can be used. You can set the Automatic Speed Limiter so that your car won’t go over a maximum speed you don’t want to go over. By setting a maximum speed limit, you can avoid receiving tickets.

Your ASL button may be located in one of several locations depending on your make and model. It can be on the steering wheel or close to the shifter. In either case, the owner’s manual for your car should be able to inform you of the presence of this feature and provide usage guidelines.

Automatic Sound Leveling

ASL, or Automatic Sound Leveling, is used to describe audio. Depending on a few factors, this feature automatically modifies the volume level of your stereo. Higher speeds can make your car sound louder.

The ASL automatically adjusts for the added noise as it increases, enhancing the sound of your stereo. The ASL turns up the volume as your car gets louder. However, your stereo becomes quieter as your car becomes quieter.

Although it’s not very common, you can find it on some expensive models. When your car is loud, the ASL feature handles all of the volume adjustments for you. You may occasionally be able to preset the volume on the ASL.

Automatic Sound Leveling

Low, medium, or high options might be available to you. On/off switches may be all that is present at other times. To find out if your car has this feature, consult your owner’s manual.

How to Tell Them Apart?

The question of how to distinguish which ASL button does what is still unanswered even after realizing that cars have two ASL functions—a speed limiter and a sound leveler. Although it might seem simplest to consult the owner’s manual, the solution is frequently found by using some good ol’ common sense.

The ASL Button is probably going to act as a speed limiter if it is located in a common location, like by the steering wheel or the cruise control. The fact that it is so close to the audio controls suggests that it is for leveling the sound. 

How Does ASL in Cars Work?

The audio system of the car automatically adjusts its output (mostly the volume) to the surrounding noise levels using a microphone that detects them inside the vehicle. As a vehicle approaches highway speeds, noise from the road, the tires, the wind, and other sources tends to increase.

what is asl in car

The sound system adjusts its volume in response to your speed, and when you slow down, the opposite happens. The high, medium and low settings (sensitivity) govern how much of an adjustment is made.

The ASL automatically raises the volume of your stereo system to account for increases in background noise. As the volume in your car increases, the ASL also amplifies the sound. When the car is too loud, the ASL feature handles everything rather than requiring manual volume adjustment.

You can pre-set your volume using the ASL feature in cars. Low, medium, and high are potential choices. Additionally, most cars have an on/off switch that can be used to activate the ASL feature. ASL in cars, however, will probably become obsolete in the near future due to technological advancements like noise-canceling sound systems.

Conclusion: What is ASL in the Car?

The abbreviation ASL isn’t frequently used. Either Automatic Speed Limiter or Automatic Sound Leveling are possible meanings. Which one the ASL button represents will depend on where your button is located.

It’s probably for audio if it’s close to your audio controls. It is probably for speed restriction if the button is close to your cruise control.

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