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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost? Buying Guide

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost? New Buying Guide

Traditional car batteries can cost as little as $60 for a short-life battery or as much as $300 for a high-performance battery, depending on what you need. Batteries can represent a recurring portion of maintenance when estimating the overall cost of owning a car because they have different life spans and their prices can vary.
How Much Oil Does My Car Need? What Are the Different Types of Oils?

How Much Oil Does My Car Need? What Are the Different Types of Oils?

That depends on the engine in your car, obviously. Although some small four-cylinder engines may require closer to four quarts, most engines will require between five and six quarts. The maximum amount that larger engines can accept is eight or nine quarts. Although the amount of oil in your engine doesn’t have to be precise
Why is Gas So Expensive Right Now: 6 Reasons You Need To Know

Why is Gas So Expensive Right Now: 6 Reasons You Need To Know

For the millions of people who drive cars and trucks every day, the cost of gas has more than doubled in the last two years. At the gas pump, a rare convergence of economic and geopolitical forces is now visible. The economy’s quick recovery from the pandemic increased the demand for gasoline, which raised prices.
How to Clean a Car Engine: Step-by-step Guide

How to Clean a Car Engine: Step-by-step Guide

Before cleaning a greasy engine bay, be sure to check your county and state laws for public car wash regulations as well as your car owner’s manual for cleaning & degreasing suggestions. You can visit a self-serve car wash if you’d prefer not to clean your engine bay at home. The law requires these facilities
How to Clean Leather Seats in a Car: Step By Step Instruction

How to Clean Leather Seats In A Car: Step By Step Instruction

The look and feel of leather car seats are rather opulent. The comfort and elegance it offers would deteriorate, though, if ignored. If you don’t regularly clean and condition them, accumulated dirt, drying, and cracking can make the interior of your car unsightly and uncomfortable. If you want to give the leather seats in your
How to Clean Car Floor Mats? Two Different Types: Rubber & Cloth

How To Clean Car Floor Mats? Two Different Types: Rubber & Cloth

The interior of cars is frequently the dirtiest, especially the floor mats. Shoes would frequently leave dirt and debris behind. Additionally, anything entering and exiting your car can leave dirt on them. The floor mats of cars must therefore be regularly cleaned. Your car’s floor mats have probably become dirty, and you’re now trying to
which cars are least likely to have catalytic converter stolen

Which Cars Are Least Likely to Have Catalytic Converters Stolen?

A serious issue is catalytic converter theft. There’s a good chance that either you or someone you know has experienced catalytic converter theft. Did you know that some cars have lower theft rates for their catalytic converters? Theft of catalytic converters is a common occurrence in the US, according to the statistics at hand. We
cruise control not working

Cruise Control Not Working: 10 Causes

One of the most underappreciated features in a car might be cruise control. Cruising down the highway makes a long journey so much more bearable. On long drives, cruise control helps drivers feel less stressed and tired, but if the system isn’t functioning properly, it could be dangerous. This article will explain what went wrong
does ac use gas

Does AC Use Gas? Things To Know

Turning on the air conditioning provides immediate relief when it’s hot and opening the windows is insufficient to keep you cool. However, does running an air conditioner reduce your fuel economy? Before you get on the road, you should have an answer to this question because gas prices are about to reach an all-time high.
how to check my engine oil

How To Check The Engine Oil? Step-By-Step

A car that is more than a few years old may need some oil in between services. Even some showroom-fresh models have been known to consume a little! Most of the time, there is nothing to be concerned about. Regular engine oil checks are essential to maintaining the health of your engine and maximizing its