How to Clean Car Windows (Step-by-Step Instructions)?

Clean Car Windows

Cleaning vehicle windows is an important part of good automobile upkeep and maintenance. Because they are one of the most visible elements of a car, it goes without saying that we want them to be pristine. To accomplish so, you must understand how to clean vehicle windows without streaks.

Cleaning car windows is important not just for looks, but also for the overall service life of your vehicle.

In summary, these are the actions you must take:

  • Look for a decent location to work.
  • Remove any loose dust, dirt, or sand using a brush.
  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth or towel after spraying the solution.
  • Make additional time and effort to remove difficult stains.
  • Buff the finish with a clean cloth.
  • Next, clean the interior windows.

Aside from the specifics of each process, we will reveal what to use to clean automobile windows. So, don’t pass up this opportunity to discover the best approach to clean car windows without streaks.

Preparation for cleaning 

An auto glass cleaner

It is extraordinarily vital to make investments in a exceptional auto glass cleaner. It can “make” or “break” your cleansing experience. A correct cleaner have to be geared up with an advantageous however concurrently protected formula. It can be fragranced, however it does no longer have to be. Typically, fragranced options comprise harsh chemical compounds that you do no longer desire on your windows.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners. Even although there are lots of them in the market, they do extra damage than right due to the fact they can harm different auto parts, consisting of leather, rubber, or vinyl. Ammonia is a chemical that additionally releases pungent and poisonous fumes. Needless to say, it is dangerous.

Cleaners with ammonia have a tendency to go away extra streaks on vehicle windows. On pinnacle of that, if now not addressed properly, they will deteriorate the glass over time.

There are cleaners of all prices. You can discover merchandise for as little as $10 and as a lot as $100. Although high priced merchandise have a tendency to go hand-in-hand with higher performance, do no longer splurge! You will truely be in a position to discover one that fits your budget.

A few dependable manufacturers that you can think about when searching for an auto glass cleaner are Sprayway and Invisible Glass.

If you are now not a fan of store-bought solutions, you can decide for a selfmade auto window cleaner. It is drastically cheaper. Plus, the substances are no longer hard to find.

You might also even have them comfortably handy at home. In detail, you will want rubbing alcohol, distilled water, white vinegar, and a spray bottle.

In the bottle, combine rubbing alcohol and distilled water with a 1:1 ratio. Then, add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Cap the bottle and shake it to mixture all the components well.

Top Tip: If you can get a funnel, it will be simpler to pour the beverages into the bottle.

That’s it! It’s certainly as effortless as it sounds. The whole system from A to Z must be underneath 10 minutes. It is a accurate notion to have this spray bottle usually on hand on your auto as you can take it out to wipe down home windows anytime.

Two units of microfiber cloths or towels

Microfiber cloths or towels are first-rate when it comes to automobile care and maintenance. Even even though you can also be tempted to use simply any rags that you can grab, having a microfiber product devoted to auto cleansing is rewarding.

These cloths or towels are a lot greater absorbent, thus, they make cleansing greater fantastic and easy. They are lint-free, which interprets to minimal streaks and debris. What’s more, they are smooth and will no longer reason scratches.

You can without problems discover microfiber cloths or towels in the market. There are a lot of options. For their value, they are no longer a lot pricier than ordinary cotton rags. A few dependable manufacturers that provide these microfiber cloths and towels are Meguiar, Chemical Guys, and KIWEN.

Window wipes

Window wipes have grow to be a famous technique for a speedy smooth up job when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

We wouldn’t advise the usage of these as phase of your everyday vehicle care or cleaning routine, as they’re now not a hundred percent positive at cleansing your auto home windows or doing away with massive construct up. However, they are accessible to have in the auto or to use in between washes. If you’ve obtained the time, observe up with a wipe over with your microfibre towel.

Our pinnacle pick out – Armor All’s Glass Wipes. They’re ammonia-free (safe for tinted automobile windows), can be used inner and out, and are extra environmentally pleasant than selections as they’re made from biodegradable plant material.

Glass Cleaner

Formulated glass cleansing merchandise are in all likelihood to do the quality job at clearing your home windows as they’re designed for car glass. We continually recommend one that comes in a spray bottle, as with the exception of your indoors windows, you’ll keep a lot of time reapplying to your material through rapidly spraying over the glass.

Our pinnacle choose – Autoglym Fast Glass. The tremendously rated product guarantees to shortly take away dust, insects, tree sap, grease, oil and fowl droppings from your glass.

DIY Cleaner

If you do not have the time to go out and get new products, the Internet has dozens of home made cleansing options like rubbing alcohol. Using simply the objects in your cupboard, you can get a smooth and shine comparable to the professionals.

Our pinnacle choose – A white vinegar cleansing solution. Mix up one phase white vinegar, and two components distilled water, then decant into a spray bottle. Follow the steps under for how to clean, changing the glass cleaner with your white vinegar solution.

When you have everything, you are prepared to proceed.

Instructions for cleaning step by step

Clean Car Windows

Step 1: Find a right location to work

Before you delve into action, locate a right location to work. It have to be away from direct daylight and sturdy winds. Also, it need to be spacious and uncluttered.

Hold the microfiber fabric or towel that you have organized in one hand and the auto window cleaner in another. Begin with the exterior home windows from one side, then cross onto the different side, and end with the interiors in the identical order.

Step 2: Brush off any free dust, dirt, and sand

Before you use the solution, brush off any dust, dirt, and sand with your cloth. This is a very essential step to make positive that you will now not reason any abrasion or scratches later.

Step 3: Spray the answer and wipe with a fabric or towel

Then, truly spray the answer onto the home windows and wipe with a fabric or towel. Do no longer spray too lots at as soon as due to the fact it can also drip down shortly and depart streaks if forgotten about. Also, make certain that your functions are even.

Plus, it is satisfactory to spray through sections. If you spray all the home windows at as soon as and work too slowly, the answer will dry and go away unpleasant spots.

Apply simply sufficient pressure to take away all the cussed stains however no longer injury the integrity of your vehicle’s windows. Make certain you use up-and-down or back-and-forth motions alternatively than round scrubbing.

Wipe till the floor that you are working on is free of contaminants and grime. It may additionally take a bit of time and effort, however relaxation certain that it will be really worth it.

Step 4: Spare greater time and effort for cussed stains

For greater chronic stains, like these from chook droppings and splattered bugs, you will have to practice tighter pressure. You can additionally spray the answer immediately over it and let it sit down for two to three minutes. This will supply it time to damage down the stain and make wiping easier.

While you are at it, smooth the head of the automobile and the windshield as well. You can use the again of your hand for elevated leverage. Be conscious of the rubber seals. Here, if possible, get a toothbrush to attain the nooks and crannies. Also, be attentive with the wiper blades.

Step 5: Use a sparkling fabric to buff the finish

Now, change to a new, sparkling cloth. Use it to wipe over the solutions, buffing the finish. Remember, your quit purpose is most shine and clarity.

Top Tip: Be positive to preserve the two batches of fabric separate to keep away from by accident the usage of the filthy material and smearing your just-cleaned windows.

Step 6: Move onto cleansing the indoors windows

Once you are carried out with the exteriors, repeat the steps for the interior. For this, it is possible to work from the interior of your car. In particular, work from the passenger seat when cleansing the windshield.

Another point to preserve in thought when cleansing the interiors is spraying the answer onto the material or towel as a substitute of immediately onto the windows. This ensures that no rapid dripping residue can make its way to the material and cushioned components of your vehicle. It is the key to easy inner vehicle home windows except streaks.

To complete, you simply have to let the home windows air dry! An extra step that you can take is making use of a sealant or water repellant. This will make certain that any water that comes into contact with your home windows in the future will roll proper off.


How do you easy auto home windows except streaks?

If you haven’t already, we’d suggest beginning off by way of washing your vehicle or the usage of a vehicle wash. This will get rid of any buildup of lingering bugs and dirt, that means your predominant venture is sprucing up the automobile glass.

It’s quality to easy your vehicle windscreen first. This is achieved in a comparable way to your windows, however in view that any filth you’re clearing off your auto windshield is greater probably to splatter round, it makes feel to smooth your aspect home windows last. For training on the windscreen, test out how to easy your auto windscreen.

Exterior Windows

For your exterior windows, you’ll want two microfibre cloths and a glass cleaner.

Spray your cleansing answer all over the window. Unlike the windscreen, your facet windows must be small ample that you don’t want to work in sections.

Use your lint free microfibre fabric to wipe in a vertical and then horizontal action for a streak-free finish.

With the different aspect of the cloth, buff in small round motions.

Interior Windows

Just like with the internal of your windscreen, cleansing your indoors glass has to be accomplished a little greater carefully.

You don’t prefer to cease up with cleansing merchandise all over your interior, so spray glass cleaner immediately onto a smooth cloth.

Using your microfibre cloth, wipe the interior window up and down in a vertical motion, then observe with a horizontal motion.

Wipe dry with a smooth microfibre towel.

For cleansing each the indoors and exterior glass, understand to roll down your home windows to trap any grime at the top of the window. It’s additionally a right thought to format your cleansing for a cool or cloudy day, as warmth or robust UV rays can imply attempting to rapidly wipe away your cleaner earlier than it bakes into the window.

How to smooth the rubber round automobile windows?

It’s convenient to forget about the rubber trim round your auto windows, as it doesn’t effortlessly fall underneath the window or automobile physique classes for cleaning. But it’s vital to remain on pinnacle of your rubber trim condition, as they forestall contaminants and moisture getting into your windows.

The correct information is that they can be cleaned in simply a few steps:

Apply vehicle shampoo to the complete window trim.

Using a microfibre fabric or sponge, smooth and do away with any dirt. For marked or specifically soiled trim, use a gentle toothbrush.

With a clean, damp microfibre cloth, wipe away the shampoo to make certain no residue is left behind.

Dry with a microfibre towel.

Once your rubber has dried completely, you can observe a rubber protectant to preserve it in the fantastic condition. AutoGlym’s Vinyl and Rubber Care prerequisites and protects indoors and exterior rubber, forming a hard however bendy anti-static barrier that protects in opposition to moisture, oxidation and fading.

Clean Car Windows


So that brings us to the end of this article. Hopefully, you found an acceptable answer to the question “How to clean vehicle windows without streaks?”

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions or views on this issue. We are always ecstatic to hear from our readers. So, don’t be shy. Share this with your friends, family, and anyone else you think may like the information.

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