How to Clean Car Windows without Streaks in 5 Easy Steps?

Clean Car Windows

Window washing is a necessary component of appropriate auto upkeep and maintenance. It goes without saying that we want them to be pristine and immaculate because they are one of the features of a car that are most readily apparent. Knowing how to clean car windows without leaving streaks is crucial for achieving that.

Cleaning car windows is essential for both the looks and the overall service life of your automobile.

Preparation for cleaning car windows without streaks

1. Glass washer for vehicles

Purchasing a high-quality vehicle glass cleaner is essential. Your cleaning experience might be “made” or “broken” by it. A decent cleaner need to have a formula that is both efficient and secure. Although it is not required, it can be fragranced. The harsh chemicals in fragranced treatments are typically ones you don’t want on your windows.

Avoid cleaning products with ammonia as an ingredient. Although they are widely available, they really cause more harm than help since they may ruin leather, rubber, and vinyl as well as other automobile parts. Chemicals like ammonia emit noxious and unpleasant odors. It goes without saying that it is risky.

Ammonia-based cleaners have a tendency to create more streaks on automobile windows. Additionally, if they are ignored, they will eventually cause the glass to disintegrate.

Cleaners come in many pricing ranges. Various goods are available at between $10 and $100. Do not overspend, despite the fact that pricier things typically perform better. You’ll undoubtedly be able to locate one that is within your price range.

When looking for a vehicle window cleaner, a couple trustworthy companies to take into account are Sprayway and Invisible Glass.

2. Two sets of towels or cloths made of microfibre

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining cars, microfiber towels or cloths work best. Having a microfiber product specifically designed for cleaning cars is beneficial, despite the temptation to use any cloth you can get your hands on.

These towels or cloths are far more absorbent, which makes cleaning easier and more efficient. They have little to no stains and particles since they are lint-free. Additionally, they are soft and won’t scratch.

Towels or cloths made of microfibre are widely available on the market. There are several choices. They are not significantly more expensive than standard cotton rags for their value. A few reliable brands that offer these microfiber cloths and towels are Meguiar, Chemical Guys, and KIWEN.

When you have everything, you are ready to proceed.

Instructions for cleaning car windows without streaks step by step

1. Keep your vehicle out of the sun

If you leave your automobile in the sun after washing, white streaks might occasionally appear on the glass. Clean your windows in the shade to prevent this issue. Any cleaning solutions you use on your windows should be completely removed before they dry.

2. Utilize a low-pile microfiber towel.

A low-pile microfiber towel is a wonderful choice for streak-free automobile window washing since it is more absorbent than a conventional cleaning cloth. As a result, grab a low-pile microfiber towel and wash your car’s windows with it. This makes it possible to fully wash your automobile windows without worrying about streaks.

3. Clean the Interior of Your Windshield Starting From the Passenger Seat

You have to work on both the interior and exterior of your automobile to clean the windshield. Work from the passenger seat when cleaning the inside of your windshield. You won’t have to worry about repositioning your body over the steering wheel to wipe the windshield that way.

4. Roll the Windows Down

You should also clean the tops of the driver’s and passenger’s side windows of your automobile in addition to the surface. Roll down the windows about halfway to do this. The windows’ tops will then be easily accessible, allowing you to clean them as necessary.

5. Be patient.

The ideal approach to clean automobile windows includes a gradual, steady procedure, despite the temptation to want to do it as quickly as you can. You may have streak-free windows that look wonderful and won’t impair your view while driving if you take the time to properly clean your car windows.


How Often Should You Clean Your Car Windows?

You should always make sure that your windshield, glass, and mirrors are clear since driving with a distorted view of the road is not recommended. Wipers should be used to clean your windows, mirrors, and windshield about every two weeks, or sooner if they get dirty or dusty.

What Approach Should You Take?

Knowing what cleaning products to use is crucial before beginning the cleaning process for your windows. In this scenario, what you clean with is just as essential as how you clean because streaks are sometimes caused by using the incorrect cleaning chemicals.Despite the abundance of items available, some are superior to others. Stoner’s Invisible Glass is one of the cleaning supplies we suggest. It effectively removes dirt and makes a significant difference in preventing streaks.

Follow the advice we’ve provided below to properly wipe up the cleaning solution after applying the appropriate solution.


Keep the windows till last.

Your car’s windows should be washed last while you’re washing the outside of the vehicle. This prevents dirt, soap scum, or cleaning chemicals from other sections of the automobile from getting on your windows without being thoroughly rinsed off.

Avoid cleaning in the sun.

Sunlight is another typical reason for streaks on windows, in addition to employing the incorrect cleaning products. Cleaning agents quickly evaporate when exposed to sunshine without being washed off, leaving a residue. You should wash your windows in the shade to lessen this issue.

Not all cleaning solutions work well on windows.

Use as little soap as possible on your windows. It may seem strange to wash anything without soap, but vinegar and rubbing alcohol work better for washing automobile windows. I advise utilizing Invisible Glass, as I already stated. Additionally, avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products since over time, they can harm your glass.

Horizontal and Vertical Wipes on the Inside and Outside

I advise using vertical wipes to clean the outside of your windows and horizontal wipes to clean the inside. You may determine which side of the window the streaks are on by changing the direction in which you wipe.

Avoid using paper towels.

Lint and streaks are left behind by paper towels. Instead, we advise cleaning it up with a low pile microfiber or waffle wave microfiber towel. If you’d like, you may finish the cleaning using a microfiber with a greater pile. If you don’t have a low pile microfiber on available, you might also try using newspaper or coffee filters.


You have now reached the conclusion of this article. I hope the solution to your question, “How to clean car windows without streaks,” was sufficient.

Please feel free to post a remark if you have any more queries or ideas on this subject. Hearing from our readers makes us really happy. So, don’t hold back. Additionally, spread the word about this to anybody you believe may find the information interesting.

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