How To Clean Car Floor Mats? Two Different Types: Rubber & Cloth

How to Clean Car Floor Mats? Two Different Types: Rubber & Cloth

The interior of cars is frequently the dirtiest, especially the floor mats. Shoes would frequently leave dirt and debris behind. Additionally, anything entering and exiting your car can leave dirt on them.

The floor mats of cars must therefore be regularly cleaned. Your car’s floor mats have probably become dirty, and you’re now trying to figure out how to clean car floor mats.

Whether they are rubber or cloth floor mats, it all depends on the type. But generally, it involves removing loose debris, washing, rinsing, and drying.

Are Car Floor Mats Machine Washable?

Throwing your mats in the washing machine might seem like an easy solution, but this won’t usually work.

Many fabric car mats have a rubber component or edging, but rubber car mats are not recommended for washing machines or dryers. The only situation in which you might be able to wash your mat is if it is entirely made of fabric.

It’s always best to look for a label that specifies the material or whether it can be machine washed, even if your mats don’t have any rubber parts.

Fortunately, there are many other options for cleaning your mats.

Cleaning Rubber Car Floor Mats

If you live in a region with a lot of rain and snow, you should purchase high-quality rubber car floor mats. A good rubber floor mat dries much more quickly than other mats and offers the best moisture protection for the interior of your car.

If you purchase a cheap mat, it might end up having holes in it. The holes allow water to get through and reach the car’s floor. This can cause the interiors of your car to rot over time, giving off an awful odor.

Wash With a Hose

Use a hose to wash the mats’ dirty side to get rid of any food and dirt that has gotten loosely stuck to the rubber floor mat. While it’s possible to use a bucket of water if you don’t have a hose, a hose gives the required pressure to remove dirt and food particles.

Going to a car wash to have the dirt particles pressure washed off is another option. Whatever option you do, make sure the undersides of the mats don’t get wet.

Apply Soap

The mats must then be treated with a mixture of water, laundry soap, and baking soda. Dirt is lifted out by the fizz. When cleaning rubber floor mats, liquid soap and water will suffice if you don’t have any baking soda on hand. Now use more force on the water hose to give the mats a thorough and thorough wash.

Dry the Mats

Before placing the mats back inside the vehicle, you must next dry them. If you are washing your mats at a gas station and may not be able to wait, you can instead set the mats in their designated locations and turn on the air conditioner on full heat. For the best and quickest mat drying solution, also turn the fan switch to full power and set the AC location switch to feet warming.

How to Clean Car Floor Mats? Two Different Types: Rubber & Cloth

Cleaning Cloth Car Floor Mats

Using Baking Soda

The odor from pets, food, and other dirt on cloth car floor mats can be eliminated by rubbing baking soda onto the mats. As an alternative, you can thoroughly clean the floor mats by coating the bristles of a stiff scrub brush with water and baking soda.

Using Detergent Powder and Shampoo

A stiff brush and a mixture of two tablespoons of shampoo and washing powder can be used to scrub the mats clean. To scrub and get rid of any debris from the mat, you can also use a small hand brush with stiff bristles or a deck scrubber brush. With clean water, rinse the soap away.

Using Carpet Cleaners

Another option for cleaning the mats is to spray them with a carpet cleaner or specific cleaner for car upholstery and let them sit for 30 minutes. By that point, the carpet or upholstery cleaner has vaporized or has been absorbed by the mat. The cleaner must then be fully incorporated into the mat using a hand brush.

Additionally, you can make your own spray by combining one bottle of hot water and white vinegar. Spray this mixture onto the car mats and scrub with a brush afterward. With salt stains, this works particularly well. When chewing gum remains are found on the mats, rub the mats with salt and peanut butter to get rid of them.

Using a Steam Cleaning Vacuum

Similar to how you would clean the carpet in your home, you can also use a steam-cleaning vacuum or power washer to clean the car floor mats. Your floor mats can be power washed at a car wash if you don’t have a power washer.

Using the Washing Machine

Another choice is to wash your car floor mats in your washing machine with regular detergent after using stain remover spray.

Vacuum Dry

Your mats should be vacuumed once more after washing to help absorb any remaining water and dirt particles. Wet/dry vacuums and vacuum cleaners with hose attachments are preferable because they have powerful sucking capabilities for absorbing moisture.

Air Dry Or Use a Dryer

Prior to installing the floor mats in the car, it is crucial that they are completely dried by hanging them up to dry or using a dryer. The smell of damp, musty floor mats is noticeable. Before letting the mats dry in the sun, you can spray some clean, fresh fragrance on them to give them a fresh scent. If you choose to dry the mat in a dryer, trim any extra fur with a razor.

Conclusion: Should Be Regularly Cleaned

Owners of automobiles must be aware of their floor mats and properly practice the cleaning process because they can become very dirty. The cleanliness of car interiors depends on these items, even though they are just floor coverings.

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What is the Best Thing to Clean Car Mats With?

You can clean your car mats with baking soda to help absorb odors. Sprinkle some baking soda on the mats and then gently scrub it in with a soft brush. After at least 30 minutes, let the baking soda sit on the mats before vacuuming it up.

What Should You Not Clean Rubber With?

Avoid cleaning with products like turpentine, bleach, and acidic detergents because they might stain the rubber.

How to Wash Floor Mats in Washing Machine?

Car floor mats can be washed in the washer just like indoor rugs. Before washing them in warm water on the gentle cycle, make sure to pretreat any stains and give them the best exterior dusting you can manage.

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