How Long Can a Dealership Hold Your Car for Repair and What Can You Do?


Dealers have agreed to repair your vehicle as specified in your auto insurance policy, therefore they are required by law to do so as quickly as feasible. Typically, an automobile has to be repaired within 15 to 20 days under warranty and insurance, with a one-month maximum.

Dealers often store your automobile for the amount of time needed to complete the necessary repairs. When your automobile’s parts are unavailable from the market, dealers may keep your car in for repair for a very lengthy period. Dealers, however, should be aware of the number of days needed to fix your automobile, but occasionally they just waited longer than necessary. If your car is left in the shop for a while, it could get damaged. Because they must complete this work for free and take a long time to fix, insurance dealership businesses frequently take a long time. This post will go through how to get your car out of the dealer as quickly as possible.

How Long Can a Dealership Hold Your Car?

How long may a dealership keep your automobile while it is being repaired? It’s important to ask this question. You might be able to speed up a lengthy procedure with its assistance. The duration might increase due to a few factors. However, they can often only retain your automobile for a certain period of time while it is being repaired.

A dealership may keep your automobile for around 30 days, according to After that, you can be eligible for:

  • A lemon law case that you may learn more about by doing some research
  • Money to make up for the time that was squandered
  • Depending on the situation, different consumer rights
  • If the dealership keeps your automobile for longer than 30 days, you can get all of these.

Of course, they may be keeping your car for such a lengthy time for some valid reasons. Driving a damaged automobile on the road is risky. You could wish to bargain a discount or anything similar to prevent a fight if they provide you an honest explanation for the delay. They are probably attempting to provide you with the finest solution they can.

The Longest Car Repair

A automobile can only be held by a dealership for a total of 30 days. However, some fixes are trickier to complete than others. Before making any rash decisions, you might want to speak with the auto dealership if your vehicle is being repaired for any of these reasons. It can just be a straightforward misunderstanding that can be easily cleared up with some conversation.

The following are some of the repairs that will take a dealership the longest, according to

  • Because of all the minor parts that are related to the engine, engine replacements can be expensive.
  • altering the clutch, which also entails taking out the transmission
  • Spark plug replacements, which are tiny and challenging to handle
  • Transmission repairs, which are frequently performed when things are at their worst
  • These fixes can all be time-consuming. They frequently employ complex pieces and are quite detailed.

None of these fixes ought to take more than thirty days, theoretically. Dealerships are not flawless, it is important to keep in mind. They can be awaiting the arrival of an auto part required to fix or replace a portion of the automobile, or they might be meticulously tackling the repair job you have given them. Communication is vital when finding out what is going on.

What Can You Do if Dealership Hold Your Car?

Take Action

Remind him every one to two days when leaving a car at the dealership repair. He receives a reminder call from you telling him to fix your car as soon as possible. Most drivers don’t follow up with the dealership’s workshop technician and begin complaining about them after a few days. You must remind the dealership technician because they have a lot of work to complete and are not at fault.

Advised him to do his work in time.

He was instructed to conduct the needed auto maintenance at the time specified on the warranty or insurance card when he left a vehicle in the dealership workshop. To let him know that you have the right to make a claim if he doesn’t finish your work on time, present him with your warranty card.

Can You Request a Timeframe for Completion?

If you have a certain timeline in mind for getting your automobile fixed, you may always let the dealership know. Sometimes they are unable to reduce a timeframe. But it doesn’t harm to let them know. Even better, let them know what the limit is and what will happen if they go over it.

Repairing your automobile shouldn’t take a dealership more than thirty days. They shouldn’t be able to take your car for any longer than is absolutely required. They only sometimes do this for an acceptable purpose, and in very few situations. If you and a dealership are unable to come to a reasonable agreement, you ought to consider taking legal action.


Here are some preventative measures and necessary items you should request in order to get your car repaired at the dealership and submit a claim for the problem.

Insurance copy or warranty

Until it expires, keep a copy of your insurance policy or warrant in a secure place. You can only get insurance benefits on the basis of your copy of this extremely crucial document.

Copy of Complaint

A copy of your vehicle’s complaint from the dealership is necessary in order to preserve documentation of your vehicle’s repair complaint.

Document writing

Mention all the things about document writing, then take the dealership’s sign. This is evidence that he has agreed to all of your demands, and if he hasn’t met even one of them, you have a claim. Verify each assertion and point made in the writing papers twice since you cannot make a claim if anything is lacking. To ensure that your vehicle maintenance is covered, it must be mentioned how long a dealership can keep your automobile for repairs.

Talk clearly to your advisor or dealer.

Never argue or speak louder with your dealer. Inform your adviser or dealer of your concerns in a courteous manner. A pleasant conversation might help you resolve your issue and establish a strong bond with your dealer.

Advised him to do his work in time.

He was instructed to conduct the needed auto maintenance at the time specified on the warranty or insurance card when he left a vehicle in the dealership workshop. To let him know that you have the right to make a claim if he doesn’t finish your work on time, present him with your warranty card.


When a dealership has your automobile for an extended period of time, it might be annoying. Although it slows down your life, it unnecessarily fuels resentment and mistrust. You might be curious about how long a dealership can keep your automobile in storage for repairs before facing legal ramifications. Can you take control of the automobile problem and alert higher ups about the lengthy repair time?

A dealership can typically retain your vehicle for a maximum of thirty days. Beyond this, various problems might develop. Before you send off your automobile at a dealership, be sure that is understood. There are steps you may take to obtain your car back if they persist past this point and cannot provide a compelling

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