Car Suspension Repair Cost: Things To Know

suspension repair cost

The overall structure of a car depends heavily on the suspension system. The suspension of a car is made up of many components. You should plan to spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on the repair, even though it may take several hours to a full day.

Despite the fact that most car suspension systems come as a package, one component may only cost a few hundred dollars. Replace one component, and a dozen more will need to be done as well. We’ll examine the price of fixing a car’s suspension for you in this article. Please keep reading.

How Do Car Suspension Systems Work?

Everything that cushions road impact falls under the umbrella of the vehicle suspension. It shields the drivetrain and passengers inside from these tremors and bangs.

It includes the wheels and tires, steering system, torsion bars and differentials, the chassis, and the traditional “shocks and springs” components.

The coil spring is the most essential component of your car’s suspension. Except that it is naturally strong enough to support a quarter of a vehicle’s weight, it is essentially identical to any other spring you might be picturing.

The spring contracts as you cross a bump in the road, slowing down the force with which the body of the vehicle jolts. The car then resumes normal operation after it releases.

In practice, though, springs would be bouncing all over the place. Because our roads are never perfectly level, it would be impossible to drive a car. It would resemble those low riders from Mexico and the southern states.

Dampers are used in this situation. Hydraulic fluid and pistons are used in the system used by dampers. The opposing force is applied with increasing intensity of impact.

In one spring bounce, they help the car recover from major impacts and then put it back in its stable resting position.

In the front of the car, the shock absorbers are built into the struts (usually “MacPherson struts”). They are separately fastened to each suspension arm at the rear of your car. The rear coil springs are the same way.

Signs The Suspension Needs Fixing

The suspension makes it more difficult for your car’s tires to slide across the ground. You will ride smoother and have better steering control as a result. You can immediately tell when something is starting to go wrong.

Rough Rides

You ought to be aware of how your car typically handles. You feel the braking and turn much more forcefully when your suspension is broken. Every pothole’s bumps are also felt by you.

Drifting During Turns

suspension repair cost

Turning while in a state of drift is extremely dangerous. Additionally, it’s a sign that the shocks aren’t functioning properly anymore. Every time you turn, you are aware of your car’s instability.

Uneven Tire Treads

Your tires’ tread patterns ought to stay fairly uniform. On the other hand, you notice one side has fewer treads than the other when the suspension doesn’t keep them balanced.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Suspension?

You should take your car to a mechanic as soon as a problem arises. You could spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on a suspension repair overall. The following list contains some essential costs.

  • Shock absorber replacement: $200-$1,500
  • Coil spring replacement: $550-$700
  • Strut replacement: $50-$900
  • Wheel alignment: $20-$400

Factors That Affect Suspension Repair Costs

The Make And Model Of Your Car

The make, model, and year of the vehicle all affect how much a suspension repair will cost. The price will typically be higher for luxury or performance vehicles like an SUV or a large sedans. However, removing old parts from an old car with rust underneath can take a long time, which may also increase the cost.

The Damages And The Parts That Need Replacing

An average suspension repair cost is difficult to predict. In addition to labor costs, the price includes the complexity of the replacement as well as the part itself (from budget brands to OE quality suspension parts).

Keep in mind that the replacement of suspension system components typically occurs in pairs. Consequently, it would be necessary to replace, for instance, the left and right struts. It’s also typical to update the front and rear components simultaneously.

In order to keep things balanced and stable and to stop worn-out or partially worn parts from stressing new parts, this is done.

Asymmetry would result from replacing only one side; the side that hasn’t been replaced would be put under more strain, which would shorten its lifespan.

Following the replacement of suspension parts, your car might also need its wheels aligned, which would raise the cost of the repair.

Check the owner’s manual to see if a wheel alignment is suggested. Tire wear can be accelerated by even the slightest misalignment, and steering and suspension components may become compromised.

The Garage Near You

It’s critical to call several nearby garages for a suspension repair estimate because repair prices vary significantly by location and also depend on your mechanic. A new suspension system requires intricate adjusting.

To ensure ideal balance, the replacement might be used in conjunction with computerized tests and diagnostics.

The Brand Of Suspension Parts

suspension repair cost

Inquire about the brands that your neighborhood mechanics favor. Prices for various parts manufacturers vary. It depends on the caliber of the components, the style, and any product advancements that increase their durability or efficacy. It might be tempting to select the least expensive replacement components.

However, by selecting a reputable suspension brand, you’re more likely to benefit from durable parts that are affordable over time.

Your Car Insurance

See if the suspension repair is covered by your insurance by contacting them. It will depend on the circumstances; was there a collision or impact, or was it just general “wear and tear”? General wear is not covered by standard insurance, but if you are not at fault for a specific incident, your insurer might. a nasty bang from a pothole, causing misalignment or damage to parts.

The coverage provided by insurance policies varies greatly; some only guarantee the cost of replacement parts, while others also guarantee labor costs.

What Else Needs To Be Done After The Suspension Has Been Fixed?

After the new suspension has been installed, you must have the wheels aligned. Tracking changes due to new suspension. Your tires can experience significant stress from even a few millimeters of movement.

Although some stores might charge, the actual check should be free. Make sure you understand this before they do it. If it needs to be adjusted, you should prepare to spend about $100. If you need a four-wheel alignment, it will cost closer to $150 to $200.

While skipping this step might seem like an unnecessary expense, failing to do so could result in you returning in a week with a red face and in need of one or more new tires. As a result, it may end up saving you money over time.


Can I Still Operate My Vehicle If The Suspension Is Damaged?

Never operate a vehicle with a damaged suspension. You put yourself in greater danger while also experiencing a more uncomfortable ride.

A broken suspension gives you less control over your car. A hazard may make it more difficult to brake or turn. Every day you put off fixing the suspension, you put your safety in danger.

Do Repairs And Maintenance Get Covered By Insurance?

Insurance does not pay for repairs if your suspension was harmed due to normal wear. Your insurance might cover some or all of the repairs if the suspension was harmed in a collision, though.

This is why comprehensive and collision insurance are essential. It safeguards you against collisions, bad weather, and vandalism, among other things.

Can You DIY A Car Suspension Repair?

It’s no secret that suspension repairs are among the most expensive auto maintenance expenses. Not everyone has the money to hire someone to make these repairs. Is it feasible to DIY the procedure?

Self-repair can be cost-effective in some cases, but unless you are an expert on automobiles, it is not recommended. Inexperienced mechanics run the risk of further harming the suspension system’s parts by attempting repairs. You run the risk of making expensive mistakes if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s best to have a professional fix your car’s suspension. They can quickly restore your car to factory condition and point you in the right direction.


Depending on the make and model of your car, fixing the suspension could cost you several thousand dollars. For this reason, you don’t want to put off repairs.

The cost of car suspension repair is a big factor to take into account. It’s critical to understand every aspect of the costs associated with a car suspension repair in order to make the best choice for the future of your vehicle, from the average price point to how prices vary by vehicle.

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