Can You Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream? How To Clean

Can You Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream?

Car seats can be cleaned with shaving cream. Shaving cream is a multi-faceted household product, and there are many ways to use shaving cream for cleanings, such as car seats, cleaning mirrors, carpets, cleaning toilets, tables, and more. However, we’re only talking about cleaning car seats with shaving cream today. For best results, use foaming shaving cream and let it settle in the fabric for 10-15 minutes before wiping it off the seat.

In a nutshell, how to use shaving cream to clean a car seat involves vacuuming the surface, rubbing the shaving cream onto the seat with an edge sponge or soft-bristle scraper, then wiping it off and letting it dry. Read on for the full guide.

Can You Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream?

You’ve probably heard these rumors, and we’re here to tell you, yes, it’s true – you can clean car seats with shaving cream. Yes, what you use to shave on your face or body can also be used to remove stains from car seats!

Shaving cream works best on cloth car seats and can cause permanent stains if you try to clean leather seats with shaving foam.

Home products you can use to clean leather seats include nail polish remover, lemon juice, and cream, alcohol or vinegar, and soap and water mixtures.

If your seats are leather, stay away from shaving cream, but if your car has cloth seats, prepare to be surprised. You can really use shaving cream to remove stains from cloth pads.

The foaming action of shaving cream is the same as that of many other foaming upholstery cleaners, making it easier to rub the product into the fabric and remove dirt.

Things You Need to Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream 

Before you frantically spray shaving cream on your car seat, you’ll want to make sure you have the following essentials on hand:

  • Vacuum cleaner (preferably hand-held)
  • foam shaving cream
  • water
  • clean cloth
  • Soft brush/sponge

The whole point of cleaning car seats with shaving cream is so you don’t have to go to the store, right? All the necessities needed to get work done should be at home.

Instructions to Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream

Clean Car Seats With Shaving Cream

There are only three easy steps to cleaning upholstery with shaving cream. It’s also easy to do. Check out the steps below.

  • Step 1: Use a vacuum to clean the surface dirt off the cloth car seat

Dirt and other debris that has accumulated on car seats should be vacuumed first. If left unwashed, they just mix with the shaving cream, which can create a mess.

  • Step 2: Apply and scrub the shaving cream onto the cloth car seat

To prevent the upholstery from getting dirty, check to avoid discoloration of the upholstery, and test shaving cream in a hidden area before using it to clean the car seat. For spot checks, just rub a small amount of shaving cream on the surface and check for any discoloration. If it doesn’t cause any discoloration, you can go ahead and wash the car seat with shaving cream.

Spray as much shaving cream on the surface as needed, depending on how soiled the car seat is. After that, apply your shaving cream. Then wipe the surface with an abrasive or sponge to remove the stain.

Let the shaving cream sit on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping off.

  • Step 3: Wipe the surface clean and let it dry

After waiting 10 to 15 minutes, wipe the shaving cream from the car seat with a clean cloth. Wash car seats thoroughly with enough water without leaving any residue. However, don’t overdo it, as car seats can get soaked and damaged by water.

If you still notice spots, clean them until they disappear. After cleaning the seat thoroughly, allow it to air dry.

How Often Should you Clean Car Seats?

Car seats can get dirty quickly, especially if you enjoy snacking and drinking in the car. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect their car seats and don’t clean them as often as possible.

Ideally, all car owners would disinfect their car seats on a regular basis and thoroughly clean them every one to two weeks.

Dirt builds up quickly inside the car, and if you don’t want to be embarrassed every time a passenger is in the car, you should clean your seats regularly.

If you don’t have time for regular deep cleaning, just run the vacuum on the seat once a week to stop dirt and dust from building up. Some cars have removable car seats that should be cleaned several times a month.

Some drivers pay more attention to in-car maintenance than others. If you don’t have time for regular maintenance, make sure to clean up any spills at least before the stain becomes too difficult to remove.


Using shaving cream to clean your fabrics and leather car seats is a neat little trick that can quickly remove fresh stains as well as some light old stains.

Shaving cream is an absolute lifesaver when you run out of a car cleaner and your car is dirty again. There is no need to go to the nearest auto shop to wash car seats. Just remove the shaving cream from the bathroom vanity and follow the steps.

If you’ve already learned how to clean car seats with shaving cream, you don’t have to buy any extra cleaners

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