Author: Lorraine Winnie

Car Body Damage

How Much Does Car Body Damage Repair Cost?

Repairs for car body damage can range from replacing individual parts to simply touching up minor dents and scratches. The price of collision repairs can also vary greatly: You may be handed a bill for as little as $50 or as much as $2,500 or more, depending on the damage, your car, and who you
Axle Repair

How Much Does An Axle Repair Cost?

How much will a new axle rod for my car cost? One of my tires seems a little off, and I’m concerned that I’ll have to get an axle replacement. Few things are desirable to have to be repaired, especially the drive axel because axle repairs can be expensive. Depending on how much time the
Car Amplifier

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car Amplifier?

How much does a car amplifier repair cost? A working understanding of electronics and mechanics is necessary to repair car amplifiers yourself. This kind of work is typically not covered by basic insurance plans. The manufacturer’s warranty or comprehensive insurance, however, may in some circumstances help defray the costs of repairing your amplifier. What Is
Clean Car Windows With Windex

Can You Clean Car Windows With Windex?

Can you use Windex on car windows since a suitable window cleaner needs an equal mixture of alcohol and water? Windows are a crucial component of a car and serve a specific function. The protection provided by car windows from the elements also makes it nearly impossible for thieves to steal the vehicle. The best
Black Car

How Can I Get Scratches Off My Black Car?

It’s unfortunate when a black car gets scratches because they are very obvious. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get scratches off a black car. Why Do Black Cars Scratch So Easily? In order to paint an automobile, you must first apply primer (on top of bare metal), your chosen paint color, and
Cloth Car Seats

How To Clean My Cloth Car Seats?

How are cloth car seats cleaned? Cloth car interiors typically rank first for being the least forgiving. If you’re fortunate enough to have dark-colored upholstery, you might get away with the occasional spill, but otherwise, your car will probably look pretty dirty.  The majority of garages offer full detail cleaning, but paying a professional to
Car's Ceiling

How Do You Clean The Car’s Ceiling?

How frequently do you clean your car’s ceiling? We might not pay it much attention because we don’t do it often. However, just like the rest of the car’s interior, the ceiling, or headliner, requires proper cleaning and care. You need to treat the car ceiling with more care because it has a different type
Car Rims

How Should I Clean My Car Rims? (5 Methods)

Cleaning the rims is a crucial step in car maintenance, whether you’re a car enthusiast or just like to keep your car clean. However, it doesn’t have to be a weekly chore you dread. If you do it once a week, cleaning can be an easy task that takes less time. What is the simplest
Car Floor Mats

How To Clean Car Floor Mats?

One of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your car is to clean the floor mats, whether they are made of rubber or upholstery. Additionally, your car will smell better. Can You Wash Car Mats In A Machine? Throwing your mats in the washing machine might seem like a simple solution, but unfortunately,
Leather Seats In A Car

How To Clean Leather Seats In A Car?

Aesthetically and physically, leather car seats are rather opulent. Its elegance and comfort would, however, deteriorate if ignored. If you don’t regularly clean and condition them, accumulated dirt, drying, and cracking can make the interior of your car look bad and feel uncomfortable. This article will explain how to clean leather car seats if you