Are Black Cars Harder To Keep Clean?

Black Cars

One of the most popular car color options is black. However, a common concern among those considering purchasing a black car is whether they are difficult to keep spotless.”

Sadly, the response is in the affirmative. Even car owners in a Reddit post on maintaining a black car’s cleanliness would attest to this. While owning a sleek-looking black car may seem wonderful, it also comes with the drawback of the constant chore of washing a dirty black car.

However, the advice in this article can help you maintain your black car and make it easier to keep it clean.

Is It More Difficult To Clean Black Cars?

Except if you want your car to appear as though it has just left the showroom, cleaning a car is cleaning a car, regardless of what color it is. However, it doesn’t take much for black cars to start to look a little dirty. Black cars can be polished to a level of shine and reflectiveness that most other colors can’t match.

Any color of car begins to appear dirty and neglected once a layer of dirt has accumulated on its surface, but white cars, in my opinion, exhibit the dirt more than black ones do. Because it’s easier to see where you’ve cleaned or polished a black car than it is with some other colors, black cars can sometimes be easier to clean than other colors.

Do All Black Cars Have A Dingy Appearance?

If you live in a region with a lot of rain, your black car may frequently appear to be dirty because black and other very dark cars do have a tendency to show watermarks and streaks more than cars in lighter colors. Even if you clean a black car, you’ll still notice a lot of unsightly watermarks once the water naturally dries, so make sure to dry it out completely and polish it.

Why Is Cleaning A Black Car More Difficult?


The black-painted car’s biggest issue is probably contrasted. Most of the dust, scuffs, and scratches have a sort of white reflection. 

As you are aware, black and white have a perfect contrast. Because of this, we can see even the smallest ding or spot on the black car.

The majority of the issues I’ll address below are related to the contrast of black’s color, which is likely the biggest issue with black cars.

Black Color Absorbs The Heat Faster

3 hours should be spent with a white and a black car on the sun. Which one will be warmer inside? 

It’s obvious that the black one is better because it absorbs heat better. It simply draws the sun, which causes it to heat up fairly quickly. 

Drying Problem

Because of that heat absorption, the black color is also drying much more quickly. The worst thing we can do after washing a black car is to let it dry naturally.

The paint will develop hundreds of water spots. Water spots are white, and the white is the opposite of the black. 

A contrast color is, as you are aware, the easiest thing to notice. A black car with some water stains on it is impossible to miss with your eyes closed.

Get some high-quality drying MF towels if you want to avoid that. Check them out in my list of must-have microfiber products.

Swirls And Scratches

On a black-painted car, all the dings and scratches stand out very much. especially when driving in bright sunlight.

You might find it hard to believe, but if you touch your car while it’s still moving, you’ll leave scratches behind. Of course, unless you polish it.

Simply washing your car incorrectly can cause scratches; you don’t even need to intentionally damage it. My advice for a good car wash is provided here.

Because of this, I always advise using the 3-bucket method when washing cars, especially dark ones.


I’ve recently only washed my Peugeot. After I ashed it, the rain began to fall shortly after. Despite the fact that there were only a few drops of rain, my car was once again filthy.

Because of all the dirt (dust particles, etc.), summer rains typically leave a brownish tint on the car.) that come with the rain.

Roads will become very dirty even if the rain is “clean” and doesn’t contain any dust that gets stuck in the water. The final result is the same – dirty car again.


I would include all imaginable types of dirt under the category of dirt. When it comes to the black car, dust, bird droppings, bee poop, and other specks of dirt are some of the worst things that can happen.

What is the purpose?

  1. Due to the contrast I mentioned earlier, they are clearly visible on the black car.
  2. Because of how strongly they adhere to the black car, washing it is more difficult. This occurs as a result of the black color’s high heating absorption.
Black Cars


The majority of chemicals leave some stains on the car’s paint. especially the ones used to clean the interior of vehicles. 

On every car, those chemicals will leave a mark, but they won’t be as obvious as on the black car.

In order to wash and maintain your black painted car properly, you must always be careful not to spray any chemicals on it. Naturally, we aren’t talking about the chemicals used to clean the outside of things (shampoos, waxes, compounds, foams, quick detailers, etc.).).

Hard To Get Shiny Look

Everyone wants their car to look shiny, so we all wash our cars to achieve this. The mirror effect is challenging to achieve with the black car.

You won’t have succeeded if you don’t clay and wax the black car. 

Today I gave my friend’s black BMW a quick wash; it came out clean and nice, but not quite as shiny as I had hoped. He seemed more than content, but I knew that by claying and waxing it, I could achieve better results. 

I was powerless to change his mind because he didn’t want that. I just want you to be happy with how the car looks after you wash it. 

A simple wash will never be enough to make something perfect. The owners of black cars must accept that as a fact of life.

Why Does My Black Car, Even After Washing, Still Look Dirty?

For the reason I just mentioned about watermarks, a black car can still appear dirty even after washing. However, it’s also possible that the use of an inappropriate detergent or contaminated water is to blame.

If you wash the entire car with the same bucket of water and detergent, it won’t be very clean by the time you get even halfway through the job. If you live in an area where the water is particularly alkaline (hard), you risk getting lime left behind when the car dries.

How Frequently Should A Black Car Be Washed?

It just depends on how long you can tolerate it not looking its best. You should wash a black car just as frequently as any other color of car. However, you should get serious contaminants off the paintwork as soon as you can, like tree sap or bird droppings, to avoid doing long-term harm to the paint’s surface.

Are Black Cars A Good Investment?

For me, any car, truck, van, or SUV should be painted black. Black is always going to be a fantastic choice for your new ride if you don’t have another color you particularly like and are having trouble deciding which color to go for.

Black is a color that complements just about any vehicle you can think of, and black cars look fantastic when they are clean and polished. Sincerely, when was the last time you saw a brand-new car in black and felt that the color didn’t fit it? The majority of other colors most certainly cannot be said to be the same.

How about a brand-new Cadillac Escalade, a Chevy Suburban, or any other large SUV in a color like sky blue? Naturally, there are some cars that simply look better in other colors, and for me, there were a lot of colors that the Land Rover LR3 and LR4 looked better in than black.

One thing is for certain, though: when you’re trying to sell your car, no buyer will ever try to undercut you on the price because it’s black. Black will always be a safe choice, even though it might require a little extra maintenance to keep it looking its best, since you can’t say that about white, red, beige, and many other colors.


When buying a black car, the majority of buyers don’t give much thought to maintaining its cleanliness. Just the appearance captures their attention.

You’ll be much less likely to second-guess your choice if you own a black car and are well-informed about the upkeep necessary to keep it clean and looking brand new.

Due to less surface damage to the paint, the subjects we covered in this article will not only make it easier for you to keep your car cleaner but also help it look newer for longer.

Happy detailing and good luck.

Lorraine Winnie

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