8 Safe Tips To Clean Bird Poop Off Car Paint 

Clean Bird Poop Off Car Paint

Bird poop, also known as dookie, scat, excrement, poo-poo, and feces, is one of the most prevalent causes of vehicle paint damage in the world. With a pH of 3 to 5, bird feces is heavy in uric acid, a corrosive substance that may swiftly destroy the outside of your vehicle. Dried bird droppings may deteriorate your clearcoat and may even bleach the paint if left for too long. Yikes!

So, the next time a bird lands on your car’s bright red bonnet, make sure to wipe it off before it etches into the paint! But how can you get bird droppings off your car? Here are some pointers to help you de-purify your automobile.

How To Clean Bird Poop Off Car Paint

Laundry Soap Without Scent

Do you own a soft-top convertible, such as a red Lexus LC 500? For some reason, birds adore them. Unscented washing detergent can help you remove bird excrement off your convertible top without destroying the fabric.

  • Allow the bird scat to dry first. (In fact, wet bird feces is more difficult to remove off upholstery.)
  • Using a plastic scraper or something similar, scrape the dry bird droppings. Metal or sharp things should not be used since they might rip your fabric convertible top.
  • See the white residue that looks like chalk? That’s what you’re looking to clean. Apply a few drops of liquid laundry detergent to the area and pat it down with a clean, wet towel until saturated.
  • Wear gloves, then rinse the cloth and gently clean the area to create a lather.
  • Rinse and wring out the fabric well. With a clean cloth, pat the affected area.
  • Allow the automobile to dry out, preferably indoors.

Cloth Soaked

Soak a microfiber cloth in a vehicle-safe cleaning solution – contact your Kansas City auto body shop for advice if required – and keep the cloth on the stain for 15 minutes to remove dried bird excrement that has been on your car since the Reagan era. Gently massage it away, then repeat the process for very persistent bird poop stains.

After you’ve removed all of the bird droppings, use a clay bar or a little quantity of polish to smooth out the paint and buff it to match the rest of the car.

Club Soda or Seltzer Water

Semi-fresh bird poop is readily removed with a microfiber cloth and seltzer water. The carbonation from the seltzer water aids in the breakdown of the poop’s naturally acidic properties. Splash some on the new bird excrement, wait a few minutes, and then swipe it all away in one fast Karate Kid move.

It is not suggested that you substitute fizzy cola or sugary drinks! They’ll leave a sticky residue all over the place and can even harm your paint job, wax, and rubber seals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a wonderful substance. It not only deodorizes refrigerators and cleans your teeth, but it also helps to eliminate bird feces from automobiles. A simple combination of baking soda (2 teaspoons), dish soap (a teensy dab), and hot water, spritzed from a spray bottle onto the droppings and let to soak for 10 minutes, should remove most stingy bird gunk. Rinse with a hose and repeat.


Did you know that the multifunctional WD-40 spray may be used to remove dried bird poop? That is correct! WD-40 can dislodge dried bird droppings in approximately the time it takes Thanos to snap his fingers, allowing you to remove stains with a single wipe or hose rinse. You won’t even have to get your hands filthy! (There are almost 200 more vehicle applications for WD-40.)

Wipes for Specialty Bird Poop

Drop Wipes, made of biodegradable, composite bamboo materials, perform an excellent job of removing unattractive bird turds off your vehicle. The unique cleaning from the firm neutralizes the acid in the excrement, allowing you to just swipe and leave. Keep a pack in your glove compartment if you regularly park beneath trees or near ponds.

Car Detailing Spray

A specialist automobile detailer spray is the greatest tool for preventing wrinkled etching caused by bird feces. A few spritzes disintegrate bird droppings in seconds, and a damp cloth or towel totally removes bird poop etchings and stains. The most significant advantage of utilizing auto cleaning spray is that it will not harm your vehicle’s paint or wax covering – after all, that is its goal, right? – but rather restore its shine. Speak with a member of our McCarthy Collision Centers for recommendations on a high-quality vehicle detailer spray.

Get Help From Professional Car Detailer

In the event of a truly revolting bird-poop bombardment, it may be in your best interests to have a professional detail your automobile. Your vehicle will appear like new after a complete wash, wax, and shine.

What If My Car Has Already Been Damaged?

If the paintwork is already drab from bird debris, you may not need to attend a professional shop. In most circumstances, a little effort and care should be enough to relocate these spots. If this fails, a professional paint restorer or detailer may be required.

If you want to try to repair the paint at home, the first step is to clean the automobile. When it’s dried, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and apply a minimally abrasive vehicle polish to the afflicted area. This should remove the damaged top layer of paintwork gently, revealing the fresh paint beneath for a superior finish.

Once polished, apply a wax or sealer to the panel to preserve it from the outdoors. If the paint is in really poor condition, a professional will be able to analyze the damage and utilize the appropriate materials as well as instruments such as orbital polishers to get a good finish.

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