What Is RepairCare?

RepairCare Logo Automotive Masters IncVehicles have changed drastically with technological advancements. Automotive Masters Inc.’s exclusive RepairCare program is designed to properly care for the cars of today.

How many times have you checked your oil sticker only to discover that you’re dangerously past due for that required service? Traditional shops now thrive on people who forget simple car maintenance tasks which then lead to costly repairs. If you visit the mechanic only when your car needs immediate repairs, traditional mechanics can get away with charging sky high prices because they know you’re desperate and dependent on them to fix what is now a car emergency.

AMI’s exclusive RepairCare program eradicates all of that and ushers in a revolutionary new way to preserve the condition of your car saving you money.

RepairCare Program: How it Works.

The RepairCare program focuses on maintain and extending the health, condition, and safety of your vehicle with regularly scheduled service.

  • Members of AMI’s RepairCare program pay a small monthly fee. This fee covers all of your vehicles services and repairs which include parts and labor.
  • RepairCare members enjoy our month-to-month service scheduling and email reminders. Members only have to call or email to make an appointment.
  • In addition, RepairCare reports all car maintenance services to CarFax for our members. Since we do all the reporting directly to CarFax once services are completed, you save time and the hassle of having to keep detailed records.
  • RepairCare puts your vehicle on a regular service schedule, allowing us to maintain your car and fix any issues before they reach a costly catastrophic status.
  • This eliminates your missing regular service appointments and drastically extends the life and condition of your car.
  • RepairCare is a revolutionary way to ensure your vehicle is maintained properly without the old school dealership approach and very high mark-up.
  • Just think of how many costly repairs you can avoid and how much time you will save if AMI’s RepairCare program is responsible for preserving the health and longevity of your car, not you!


An owner of a BMW with close to 90,000 miles brought his car in for a membership inspection. His car needed repairs estimated at $1650.00. He enrolled in RepairCare on the spot and only paid $577.50 for repairs worth $1,650.00. That’s over $1,000 in savings!

How Can This Small Monthly Fee Cover Parts AND Labor?

Car parts are expensive. Most repair facilities mark up the cost of parts from 150% to 300%. WHY? A Traditionally repair facility makes most of its profit by astronomically marking up the price of parts. In contrast, AMI’s RepairCare program avoids this excessive mark up thus passing along the savings to our members. We do lose some up front profit, but we gain and build a long lasting relationship with you.

I’m About to Get a New Car. Are You Sure I Need RepairCare?

If you decide to trade in your vehicle, you can transfer your RepairCare membership to your new vehicle. In addition, our CarFax reporting ensures that you will receive top dollar for your trade in.

Sounds Too Good To Be True? It’s Not

“So what’s the catch?”
We’re not only expert technicians, we’re smart businessmen. Our business model focuses on both preserving the health of your car while also establishing a long term relationship with you. It’s in our best interest to service your vehicle to the best of our abilities maintaining its optimal running condition. Our goal is simple…. Fix your car correctly the first time and not rack up huge repairs with their costly bills.

We’re incentivized to keep your vehicle in its bet condition possible over the long term. We’re also incentivized to keep our relationship with you – our customers – in the best shape possible over the long term as well.