Brake Squeal on the BMW 650i

bmw brake padsThe brakes on any vehicle are the some of the most important parts because they’re widely responsible for the safety of every passenger. The brake system has many components to it that allows the drive to stop safely in a variety of different road conditions. When you press your brake pedal, you’ll releasing brake fluid though the brake lines to the calipers, and these have small pistons that press the pads against the rotors. Part of what makes this all possible is the brake master cylinder because it’s the component that controls the pressure throughout the system. [Read more…]

Audi – Inspect The Timing Belt

Audi timing belt replacement houston tx 29.674118, -95.539763The two main components in any vehicle are the engine and the transmission. Not only are they important, but they can be very expensive should they fail. The transmission is designed to take the force of the engine and help transmit that force to the wheels to help you move forward or backwards, and there are many moving parts inside the transmission that move based on different pressures to help you shift gears. [Read more…]

BMW X5 Oil Leaks

BMW X5 oil leak houston texas auto repair 29.674118, -95.539763In any type of car you drive, the engine is one of the most important components, and this is common knowledge. The engine is what provides the power to the transmission, burns the fuel and is the heart of the vehicle. In order for the engine to operate properly, it must be maintained well, which includes a variety of different services. Coolant flushes should be done periodically to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat, and oil changes should be done regularly. If the engine is the heart, then the oil is the blood that keeps it working properly, so you not only need to make sure that the oil is clean, but it also needs to be the right level. [Read more…]

Winterize Your Car for Houston

winterize your car houstonEven if you live in Houston where it doesn’t snow, it’s important to winterize your vehicle. By winterizing your vehicle, you won’t be restricted to staying in your city throughout the winter because your vehicle will be prepared for some fun road trips. Even though there’s no snow, there are other effects cold weather can have on your vehicle, so it’s always good to know some tips about what you can prepare for so you don’t run into any issues during the winter time. [Read more…]

Mercedes Hiccups? Could Be Your Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass Airflow Sensor - Automotive Masters, Inc.Fall is here in Houston, Texas, and that means cooler temps, lower humidity, and enjoying your Mercedes with the windows down and/or the top off. But, if you’ve had a busy summer with lots of hours and miles stuck in traffic, and in the extreme heat and humidity, your Mercedes might be in need of some freshening up. At Automotive Masters, we see a lot of common issues that crop up as part of owning a European car, and we are here to quickly diagnose and service your vehicle so that you can enjoy this weather while it lasts. [Read more…]

BMW Z4 Sticky Steering

Here is an issue we’ve seen from time to time at Automotive Masters. Sticky Steering, particularly on the BMW Z4 can make your “Ultimate Driving Machine” not so fun to drive. This is a well-documented issue and seems to be most common on 2003 to 2006 year models. There is even a list of complaints regarding sticky steering at the NHTSA website. There are no fatalities reported, but failures seem to occur most frequently at speeds above 45 mph and at temperatures over 75 degrees. We can diagnose this and any other issues you may be having with your Z4.

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BMW X-Series Rough Idle

03bmwx32011fdRough idle is an issue that can crop up on any car, foreign or domestic. But at Automotive Masters, we see this quite a bit on older BMW’s and specifically the X-Series Beemers. There are all sorts of reasons as to why this could occur, and it doesn’t always trigger the check engine light. A diagnosis by an experienced service technician is the way to go, as the issue is really a symptom of a potentially serious problem with your engine. [Read more…]

BMW – Top 7 Check Engine Light Reasons


The Check Engine Light can be a source of mystery to many BMW drivers. Often times the light comes on and there is no discernable difference in engine performance. Most people will just ignore the light until something starts to impact how their car is running. At Automotive Masters, we have compiled this short list of primary reasons why your Check Engine Light may be on, but in any case, you should definitely not ignore the light, and bring your car into us for a diagnosis. [Read more…]

BMW Fuel Pump Relay Issues


The fuel pump could be considered the heart of any internal combustion engine. its only job is to pump fuel to the carburetor or injectors, giving the engine life and propelling your car down the road. The same is true with your BMW, of course. However, certain models and years are more susceptible to problems, than others. Likewise, there may be a few different causes for what seem like fuel pump issues. The ASE-Certified technicians at Automotive Masters in Houston, Texas, have the years of experience necessary to quickly diagnose and repair these, and any other issues your BMW might have. [Read more…]

BMW 5-Series Shimmy

2000-BMW-M5-102-626x382At Automotive Masters we work on a lot of BMW 5-Series cars, especially the E39 range. The E39 series were sold in America between 1997 and 2003, and are followed by the E60. A vast majority of these high performance driving machines are still on the road today. These automobiles have been called “The Best Car on Earth”, and “Best Car Ever Tested”, by nearly everyone who tests cars, including Consumer Reports. With proper maintenance these vehicles can rack up a lot of great miles. However, there are some components that can wear prematurely, causing you problems if not remedied.
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